Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat: Feline, Friends and Family (2003)

This DVD comprises two full-length videos: SAGWA'S FELINE FRIENDS and SAGWA'S FAMILY TREE. Sagwa is a small cat who learns some very big lessons about friendship as he is rescued by Fu-Fu, the bat, and plays hide-and-seek with the mice. Sagwa's big brother, Dongwa, learns the lessons of being too easily impressed and the value of just being who you are. Sagwa also learns how exciting family history can be when he discovers that the Miao family's ancestors were royal cats, learns the power of art through the magical story of his ancestor, the artist Ming Miao, and the folly of the Foolish Magistrate who nearly gave away a member of the Miao family

  • Amy Tan
  • David Ka Lik Wong
  • George Daugherty
  • Sortie: 2003-07-29
  • Views: 21
  • Language: en
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