The Nervous Wreck (1926)

Henry Williams, out in Arizona looking for a cure for his imaginary ills, stops at the ranch of Jud Morgan, and decides to stay. Jud's daughter, Sally, attracts his attention, although she is engaged to be married to Sheriff Bob Wells. Henry rides with her to town, where she wants to go shopping for her wedding clothes, but they run out of gas. No, problem' Henry holds up a passing motorist, with a monkey-wrench, and takes gasoline out of his car. They stop at a ranch where the foreman makes them become the cook and dishwasher. Then Jerome Underwood and his daughter, Harriet, arrive and they recognize Henry and Sally as the ones who held them up for gas. The jealous sheriff adds to the complications.

  • Scott Sidney
  • E.J. Rath
  • F. McGrew Willis
  • Sortie: 1926-10-09
  • Views: 31
  • Pays: US
  • Language: en
  • Duree: 70
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Harrison Ford

Henry Williams

Phyllis Haver

Sally Morgan

Mack Swain

Jerome Underwood

Hobart Bosworth

Jud Morgan

Charles K. Gerrard

Reggie De Vere

Clarence Burton

Andy McNab
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